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Welcome to Deck Your Desktop!

Welcome to my digital art site, Check out my desktop wallpapers and download what you like.

2015 - Changes are afoot! I'll be transitioning my art from its current focus of computer backgrounds to prints (canvas, metal, glass, etc). I plan to leave this version of the site up for awhile, so please continue downloading free copies for your computer wallpaper. When my new site is ready, expect a link, and perhaps a redirect there. I hope to always offer my art in some form online for wallpaper enjoyment, but haven't worked out all the details. With monitor changes happening so quickly these days (4K, 5K, 8K soon!), I've got some thinking to do!

If you're in the Houston, Tx area, you may see me at some local art markets. Come by and say "hi"! I post my schedule on my Facebook page, so please like it to follow me.

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